Facts About United States 100 Dollar Bill

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  • The United States 100 dollar bill is a denomination of United States currency. It is the world's most popular currency.
History Of $100 Bill
  • The history of the $100 bill back in 1860 until 2010.

  • Here is the history of the $100 bill since 1860:




  • The $100 bill is the largest denomination of American currency since 1969.

  • And the money that money makes makes more money. Benjamin Franklin said all that, though that is probably not the reason he is pictured on the $100 bill, the largest denomination of American currency since 1969 (there once was a $100000 bill). It could be because in addition to his more commonly known contributions to American history he wrote a little book in 1729 titled A Modest Enquiry in to the Nature and Necessity of a Paper-Currency. Ben Franklin also printed money for the Province of Pennsylvania (a colony of British America) from 1731 through 1764 and devised many schemes to prevent counterfeiting.
Interesting Facts About $100 Bill
  • The reasons Benjamin Franklin is on the $100 bill is because he the most important founding father in United States and work in forging the Declaration of Independence.

  • Benjamin Franklin's head is on the $100 bill as a way to honor him because of his important contributions to history. One of Benjamin Franklin’s wisest and most famous sayings was, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  Therefore it should come as no surprise that Franklin’s likeness appears on the U.S. hundred dollar bill.

    Reasons Benjamin Franklin Is On the $100 Bill

    Benjamin Franklin's image appears on the $100 bill, which is the largest bill in circulation in the U.S. today. Some of the reasons that he is commemorated on the bill are:

    Franklin was one of the – if not the – most important founding father in our nation....
  • A $100 bill has many nicknames: C-note, Hundo, Hunksy, Franklin, Ben, Benjy, Benny, Big one, and my favorite: 100 bones
  • Another popular theory about the U.S. dollar bill is the hidden spider allegedly lurking down at the bottom of the front. Weird and creepy as it may seem to have a creature like this tucked away in our currency, the above Metacafe video entitled “Find The Hidden Spider on the Dollar Bill” zooms in up close and reveals what could in theory be interpreted as a hidden spider. While this theory has its fair share of critics, it also has quite a strong following of supporters, some of whom believe the spider is evidence of a past or upcoming alien invasion. With 2012 fast approaching, we may finally be close to seeing whether they are right.

    The all-seeing eye


  • The U.S. One Hundred-Dollar Bill [$100]Front: A portrait of statesman, inventor, and diplomat Benjamin Franklin (
  • Picture of the New $100 Bill

    The new 100 dollar bill shows phrases from the Declaration of Independence and the quill the Founding Fathers used to sign. Here is a picture of the new 100 dollar bill from the front:

    The back of the new 100 dollar bill has a new enlarged vignette of Independence Hall. It shows the back instead of the front of the building. Here is an image of the new 100 dollar bill from the back:


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