Treatments for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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  • Dark circles under the eyes is a discoloration of the under-eye skin due to an illness, but often as a result of allergies, lack of sleep, and even heredity.
  • The first step toward getting rid of your dark under eye circles is to figure out what is causing them. Dark circles under the eyes may be caused by:

    Iron or vitamin deficiency
    Lack of sleep or too much sleep
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  • Solution

    Method 1

    Slice a cucumber into thin pieces or keep your used teabag in a fridge. Place the cucumber slices or a teabag around your eyes and leave them till they are no longer cold.

    Method 2

    Mix one teaspoon of salt with a half cup of hot...

  • It is quite common to have dark circles under the eyes (black or dark eye circles), but they are usually temporary and can be removed or treated.

  • Keep your eyes covered with cucumber slices for some time.

  • One of the home remedy to get rid of eye dark circles by placing a tea bag into eyes that can relax you eyes and helps to circulate the blood, normally.

  • Protect your eyes from UV rays to avoid dark circles.
    Save your eyes with sun rays. Always use sunglasses when you go outside at daytime.
  • Honey and almond oil treats dark circles under the eyes.
    Honey and Almond Oil One of the best natural treatments for dark circles includes honey and almond oil. Simply make a mixture of 1/2 honey and 1/2 almond oil, apply to the affected area for at least 10 minutes, and wash off. Combined, these two ingredients help exfoliate the skin as well as reduce swelling.
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